Welcome to Peritus

Peritus Healthcare is built on a strong foundation of trust and values with a penchant to offer affordable health care services to one and all. We are a three year old organization, based at Hyderabad and having a presence all over India. Our team comprises of senior health care professionals, who have rich experience in various facets of health care domain. Our motto is to offer affordable health care services to one and all for a better tomorrow.

about us

As part of our health care offerings, we have built a doctor driven model with specialized programs for the Palliative, Geriatric and Morbid patients to ensure their overall wellness. With a team of family physicians, paramedics and a social psychologist, we not only treat the current medical condition of the patients, but also provide an enabling environment for prevention of disease and protection of health that contributes to healthy ageing.

Needless to say, our primary focus is to provide home based family physician services to our patients that include both phone consultation and doctor’s visits, eliminating the need to step out of their homes for want of medical treatment. Added to that is the much needed psychological or emotional support that our doctors provide to our patients, which is very much needed in the current stressful times.

In fact, the majority (80%) of the health care needs in any nation is taken care of by a family doctor. Our motto is to bring back the concept of family doctor, who would see the ailment of a patient in the context of his/her family than the ailment itself. This way we make sure that our patients lead a happy, contented and a stress-free life.