Diagnostic Assistance Enquire Now

As part of medical consultation, a doctor might suggest certain tests to be undergone by a patient to assess the overall health parameters or diagnose certain symptoms for providing the right treatment. However, in most of the cases, elderly patients may not have the right support to order tests on their own or at times, they end up shelling out huge money to undergo tests at far flung places at costly diagnostic centres. Apart from that, they might end up facing difficulties in getting the reports on time. In order to mitigate all these challenges, Peritus now offers the flexibility to order tests, right from the comfort of your home, saving your precious time and money. Our service offering include annual/semi-annual/monthly/on request diagnostic or lab assistance.

What we offer as part of this service:

  • Appointment at Specific Diagnostic Center
  • Coordination for sample collection
  • Sharing the Medical report to designated Specialist as suggested
  • Assessment of health state by our specialist
  • Transportation assistance for morbid / bedridden Patients