Family Wellness Enquire Now

It’s our normal practice to consult a doctor only when we feel ill or suffer from any serious symptoms. But, have you ever imagined that you might be susceptible to some ailment due to your family history or otherwise or have a tendency to develop symptoms for a disease that is currently in the dormant state? Not just you, it could also be any one of your family members! Imagine your plight when these symptoms become active and make you weak, both physically and mentally. Imagine the trauma of visiting the hospitals or coming to terms with painful treatment and costly medication. How can you deal with such unusual situations? Rather than waiting for that ailment to overpower you, why not become alert right now and prevent its occurrence or at least minimize its impact?

Our Family Wellness program offers the perfect answer for all such cases to ensure a blissful state of overall wellbeing of your entire family. As part of this Family Wellness program, you can avail regular consultation with our doctors/specialists, who would visit your home periodically to assess your health parameters, apart from checking the health condition of your other family members. Consultation goes beyond routine checkup or suggesting any medication/therapy! It is more about monitoring your overall activity, both physical and mental, alerting you about possible risk areas and remedial measures to be taken to minimize the risk factors. Remedial measures include conducting counseling sessions about taking the right diet, practicing yoga, meditation and exercising regularly to ensure that you lead a fit and a healthy life. Based on your condition, customized health record schedule is drawn to assess and treat you accordingly. In certain extreme cases, where the onset of symptoms for an ailment is inevitable or cannot be cured by medication, a complete psychological and emotional support is provided to help you cope up with the situation and lead a peaceful life.